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Yasiel Puig is REALLY frustrated with the 10-year-old Cardinals fan that's been trolling him

A 10-year-old Cards fan is trolling Yasiel Puig

Children motivating professional athletes is nothing new. We know the legend of Babe Ruth homering for an ill child. We've all watched reruns of Paul O'Neill pretending to do the same (twice).

But Yasiel Puig's current predicament is ... um ... different.

Puig is close with one Los Angeles family that has in its ranks a 10-year-old Cardinals fan. This is a kid who received an invitation to Dodger Stadium to watch a game and have Puig introduce him to the rest of the team.

The kid showed up in a Cards shirt.

"His mom calls him 'The Cardinal,'" Puig deadpanned. "We don't even know his name anymore. … I take him to the stadium, I put the tickets under my name, I introduce him to all of my teammates, and he shows up with a Cardinals shirt. He's driving me nuts. I can't win with him. His cousins all have [Dodgers gear]. Not him. We have to do something. I have to make him change his mind. We won the second game and that's it. He cried, and after that, he started laughing at us again."

Apparently, he cried when Puig and the Dodgers took Game 2 of the NLDS last year, but he was back to laughing at them the next day. The kid has kept a few of the Dodgers souvenirs that Puig has given to him ... but says it's only because he pities Puig and the Dodgers. Oof. This kid is good.

And if that wasn't enough, Puig's already worrying about the back-to-back playoff eliminations at the hands of the Cardinals, and he says he "[dreams] about them every day."

And that he's determined to stop history from repeating itself in 2015.

"We can't let them beat us three straight times," Puig said. "No way. They're a good team, and we all admire them. They have very good pitchers, very good players. If we beat them, we can win the World Series. We just have to get through them."
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