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You need to vote for MLB's best celebrity fan of 2015 right now

Celebrities: OK, they're not "just like us" because they have things like lifestyle brands that make diamond skin cream or something. But, in the most important way, we are alike -- famous people love baseball just as much as we do.

The Esurance MLB Awards are Major League Baseball's way of honoring the greatest achievements and most memorable figures from the 2015 season with an industry-wide balloting process. Check out some of the nominees for Best Celebrity Fan below, then click here to see the full list and to vote for your favorite candidate.

Stephen Amell

You probably know Toronto native Stephen Amell for two things -- his portrayal of hunky superhero Green Arrow on the CW series appropriately called "Arrow," and his deep, deep love for Josh Donaldson. Amell did everything he could to get out the All-Star vote for the Jays' third baseman this summer, and then the two finally met.

Some celebrities are unbelievably chill when they meet their favorite athletes, but others request fan art of the two of them high-fiving and look unbelievably psyched just to breathe the same air as them:


Will Ferrell

Sure, you could say that Will Ferrell is more of a former player than a fan, but we think you really have to love baseball to play for 10 teams in one day. And landing a helicopter on the field? That's a pretty big gesture of devotion:

Eddie Vedder                 

There's no doubt that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder loves the Cubs. In 2008, he even released a song called "All the Way," an anthem that dreams of a Cubs World Series win. Don't remember what it sounds like? Maybe this'll refresh your memory:

Eddie Vedder jammin with the boys! #AllTheWay

A video posted by Kris Bryant (@kris_bryant17) on

Ken Jeong

Just after the non-waiver Trade Deadline this season, news broke that Ken Jeong had been traded to the Dodgers. Well, not so much "traded" as "was at Clayton and Ellen Kershaw's PingPong4Purpose charity event and took serious advantage of the situation."

Jordan Spieth

Rangers fan Jordan Spieth has had a pretty great year. Not only did the young golfer win The Masters and the U.S. Open, he also tied for fourth place in the British Open and came in second in the PGA Championship. Miss Texas even asked him out on a date and we're assuming it's because she was impressed with his first pitch for his favorite team:


Jon Stewart

Now that he's no longer hosting "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart has plenty of time to watch his beloved Mets fight for a championship. We know that's what he's doing, too -- when Stewart interviewed Matt Harvey in May, he told the pitcher that the Mets are all he has left:

Voting will remain open through Nov. 13 at Winners will be announced live on MLB Network and on Nov. 20.