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Young Craig Biggio looks just like Tom Brady, may be his secret relative

Biggio and Brady look alike, may secretly be related

This week, Astros legend Craig Biggio was voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame with 82.7 percent of the vote alongside Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz.

But, the Astros shared some evidence on Twitter that Biggio might not just be a Hall of Famer -- he might also be the secret relative of a future Hall of Famer.

He just happens to play a different sport:

OK, that is uncanny. But no, the similarities don't stop there:


It gets weirder. You see, before the Patriots quarterback was Tom Brady, future NFL Hall of Famer, he was Tom Brady, MLB catching prospect.


Back in 1995, Touchdown Tom was actually drafted by the Expos in the 18th round. Here's what his high school coach said about him:

"I thought Tommy was a sure thing as a baseball player," said Jensen, who retired from coaching in 2009, after 24 years, but still teaches architectural design at Serra High. "Even more a sure thing than Gregg or Barry, believe it or not. As good a football player as he was, I thought he was a better baseball player in high school."

By the way, the "Gregg" and "Barry" he's talking about there were a couple MLB players named Gregg Jefferies and Barry Bonds.

Biggio, on the other hand, wasn't quite the two-sport prospect that Brady was. He was a talented football player in high school, earning a comparison to Doug Flutie from Boston College coach Jack Bicknell. That praise actually prompted a position change for Biggio:

"When Jack Bicknell told us he was like Flutie, we moved Craig from tailback to quarterback," said John Bogenschutz, who was an assistant on both the football and baseball coaching staffs at Kings Park. "We lost three straight games, but not because of Craig."

But, while Biggio excelled on the high school football field, he didn't quite make the same impact in college. Not that he didn't try:

"I wanted to play football in college," Biggio said Tuesday, shortly after learning he was heading to Cooperstown. "Baseball was really gonna be the backup plan."

When a Hall of Fame career is your backup plan, that's not a bad situation. And when the Astros drafted him in the first round of the 1987 First-Year Player Draft?

Yeah, they drafted him as a catcher.

So, let's see: Biggio and Brady look similar, they both played baseball and football at the same positions and they're both heading to the Hall of Fame (in Brady's case, eventually). Occam's razor suggests the simplest answer is likely the correct one, which in this case clearly means Brady and Biggio are secretly related and simply never bothered to tell any of us. 

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