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Young Tigers fan experiences two extremes of emotion after catching A's grand slam

Emotions are little more than highly complex chemical reactions within the brain, a mixture of endorphins, oxytocin, sterotonin and dopamine determining whether you are happy or sad. 

For this young Tigers fan, his mind was tossed around like a ship lost in the middle of the ocean .. during a hurricane ... that also involved a tornado ... that was filled with sharks. 

With Detroit leading the Athletics, 3-1, in the top of the eighth, the greatest super utility player in the history of the sport, Ben Zobrist, came to the plate with the bases loaded. On an 0-1 changeup from Angel Nesbitt, Zobrist drilled the pitch over the fence in left-center field where the 8-year-old JD Schilp was ready with his glove. 

The endorphins were released: Pure joy spread through his body and he lifted his arms in celebration. 

Until, oh no, like the cold realization of remembering that you didn't file your taxes on April 16, he saw the scoreboard. His Tigers were losing 5-3. The warm embrace of a family member was no solace for that kind of pain. 


It's OK, though. Once he remembered the age-old phrase that it's better to have caught a ball and lost than to have never caught a ball at all, he perked right up. (That is a phrase, right?)

Probably because he's also a hero for saving his Mom: 



Ben Zobrist has given the young fan a signed bat!

(Video and additional reporting by Mark Pierce / Real-Time Correspondent)