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Young Nationals fans not ready to say goodbye to Tyler Clippard following trade to A's

Young Nats fans not ready to say goodbye to Clippard

Billy Beane has been busy this offseason. And while all of his moves have been done in the name of improving the A's squad for the present and future, he's managed to make one segment of fans very upset. Namely, the children who hate to see their favorite players being traded away.

After the A's acquired Brett Lawrie, a 6-year-old Blue Jays fan famously sobbed because Lawrie would play too well for Oakland to ever think of returning him to Toronto. Fortunately, Lawrie stopped by to make everything OK

Nationals fans are probably feeling like Morrissey when he sang, "I've seen this happen in other people's lives, and now it's happening in mine." Because following the trade that saw the Nats acquire Yunel Escobar in exchange for Tyler Clippard, well, there are plenty of tears.

As Jen Underwood told Dan Steinberg at The Washington Post, her two Tyler Clippard super-fan daughters:

"asked if they could listen to his "Ready or Not" entrance music every day, and brought his bobblehead to the table during breakfast. They plan to make goodbye cards to send to Oakland, and the girls asked when the A's are visiting Nats Park."

 And heaven forbid what happens when this baby understands the concept of a trade: 

As for the A's, well, they now lead the league in spectacles: 


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