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Young Pirates fan shows off skills behind home plate, wants to be 'just like Andrew McCutchen'

Young Pirates fan mimics Pittsburgh pitchers, hitters

Although Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta dominated the Pirates in their one-game postseason matchup, the fans in Pittsburgh were as passionate as ever. Particularly one young fan who, in full Pirates regalia, mimicked the moves of Pittsburgh reliever Joakim Soria from the seats behind home plate:


The adorable mini-Soria is named Tucker, and he told an reporter that he wants to be "just like Andrew McCutchen!"


And he's got a decent swing:


Frankly, we all hope to be just like Andrew McCutchen. And, honestly, who among us hasn't mimed along with our favorite team before? 

Well, guess what? Even Tucker has done it before! That's right -- during the 2014 NL Wild Card Game, in which the Pirates faced off against the Giants, a child who looks suspiciously like Tucker similarly mimed along with Starling Marte:


The Pirates' season might be over, but here's hoping this particular tradition carries on into next year's postseason -- hopefully into the NLDS, at least.

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