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Yu Darvish got through a rain delay by imagining he was the next batter up

When you're a kid, rainy days are the worst. All you want to do is go outside, but you're stuck indoors with a stack of movies you've seen a thousand times and books you've read so much the pages are barely in order. Whining about being bored gets you nothing. All your mom says is, "Use your imagination!"

Apparently Yu Darvish recalled this sage advice on Wednesday night, when a rain delay that eventually lead to an early completion trapped him and his fellow Rangers in the dugout. Darvish couldn't just go out and play with his friends, so he created a wild, impossible alternate universe, an incredible world in which ... he plays in the National League. 

Really? No dragons? No superpowers? Yes, while the game was paused for inclement weather, Yu Darvish pretended he was in the batting order, hacking his way through a make-believe four pitch at-bat. But he wasn't even the hero of his own fantasy. He didn't even give himself an imaginary home run. No, he went for something much more realistic: 


Hey Buster Keaton? Show Yu Darvish how an imaginary ball game is done: