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Yu Darvish sends Torii Hunter's brain to a different dimension with 55 mph eephus pitch

Darvish eephus pitch sends Torii Hunter's mind to new dimension

Yu Darvish's fastball typically clocks in at approximately 94 mph. Take a third of that and throw it away and you'll get an eephus pitch that can rattle a batter's brain, sending him into an alternate universe or something. Just ask Torii Hunter:

Darvish Eephus Pitch

The 38-year-old outfielder was facing Darvish on Thursday as the Tigers trailed the Rangers by seven runs in the seventh frame. Hunter dug himself into an 0-2 hole and was greeted with the Yu Darvish eephus pitch, which missed the zone, but managed to scrape some of the matter out of Hunter's cerebrum.

Eephus Pitch Zoom

Eventually, Darvish dispatched Hunter on strikes to end the inning because it's hard for your body to get a hit while your mind is having a tea party with Alice and the Mad Hatter down in Wonderland.

Darvish could hardly contain his glee over the incident and, in the end, Hunter was able to find the humor in it, too:

Darvish Eephus Pitch

Darvish Eephus Pitch

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