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Zack Greinke's new portrait has been seen throughout history

With his hair wild and untamed and eyes staring straight to your soul, Zack Greinke recently took one of the greatest photo day portraits of all-time. As it turns out, it's also a perfect fit for fully grown-up Mason from "Boyhood:"

Even more shocking is the number of other places we have seen Greinke's photo. Someone get Dan Brown on the line because this is a mystery only Robert Langdon can solve. 

We've seen Greinke in 19th century portraits, unable to smile because of the long exposure times: 


He's been spotted starring in the seminal 1980s film "Conan: The Barbarian"


He is used in stock photo-filled brochures:


And is set to star as Ron Swanson in the stage adaptation of "Parks and Recreation:"


Of course, he may be best known for his star turn in "Ghostbusters 2:"


Look through history and you'll see Greinke's portrait everywhere you turn. Is this simply a a trick of the eye, like the blue and black dress, or is this part of something larger and more cosmic? Unfortunately, we just don't have the answer yet. 

(h/t Eye on Baseball