What is Home Run Derby X?
Home Run Derby X is an electrifying new baseball format; a Home Run Derby with a twist.

A team game with men and women playing together on the same stage. Offense vs defense, with Home Runs and epic catches stealing the show.

How is Home Run Derby X different from regular baseball?
In Home Run Derby X, the field of play is smaller, with teams going head-to-head and points up for grabs on both offense and defense. They’ll be swinging for the fences, while their opponents patrol the outfield. A Home Run scores one point for the offense and a catch is one point for the defense.

In Home Run Derby X there are additional ways to score – Target Hits can earn extra points for the batters. Each batter also has a Hot Streak – five consecutive pitches where Home Runs and Target Hits count double but a catch in the Hot Streak is also double points for the defense.

How is it different to All Star Home Run Derby?
Home Run Derby X is a team game, rather than an individual competition. There are four players per team, made up of three batters and one pitcher. Home Run Derby X is about offense and defense. Batters can score points via Home Runs and Target Hits but Fielders can also score points for their team if they catch a ball in the catch zone. The Hot Streak will allow for double points for both the offense and defense.

Will Home Run Derby X be on every year?
Major League Baseball is committed to the long-term development of Home Run Derby X. This is a multi-year initiative with plans for future expansion.

How many people are on a team?
A team will have four players; three hitters and a BP Pitcher.

Who will be playing?
MLB Legends (former MLB players), Superstars (the best talent from women’s baseball and softball) and Big Hitters will be playing at each event in 2023. They will be playing alongside local talent. Full details of the teams will be revealed before each event.

Pitchers will put the ball in the right spot every time and will be on the same team as their Batters.

Who are the Legends participating in Home Run Derby X 2023?
Jonny Gomes (Red Sox), Nick Swisher (Yankees), Dexter Fowler (Cubs) and David Eckstein (Cardinals).

Who are the Superstars participating in Home Run Derby X 2023?
Erika Piancastelli (Yankees), Elizabeth Mason (Red Sox), Alex Hugo (Cubs) and Ashton Lansdell.

Who are the Big Hitters participating in Home Run Derby X 2023?
Alex Crosby (Yankees), Hanley Ramirez (Red Sox), Ural Forbes (Cubs) and Alana Snow (Cardinals).

What else will be at the events?
Home Run Derby X is a fun-filled festival experience. The Home Run Derby X competition is at the heart and it will be surrounded by other unique fan experiences. Full details will be announced closer to each event.

Will there be food?
Yes, at each event you will find food and drink.

Will there be music?
Yes, at each Home Run Derby X event there will be DJs. More details will be announced soon.

Where can I find out more?
All details about Home Run Derby X can be found at mlb.com/HomeRunDerbyX. Follow @mlb, @mlbeurope, @milb and @mlbmexico for all the latest news.

If I can’t attend, is there another way to watch Home Run Derby X online or on TV?
Yes, some of our Home Run Derby X events will be livestreamed and highlights will also be available to watch. Learn more here.

Where can I find the links to the livestream?
, @mlb and @mlbeurope.