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PlayStation 4 | Viewing/Navigation

How to View Games on PlayStation

The MLB.TV app will launch to a listing of games by day. You can go through this listing to select a game that you would like to watch.

When available, both the Home and Away radio and video feeds are listed. If the feed selected is a live game, you will be prompted to choose to watch it from the beginning of the game, resume from a point where you left off, or launch it to the current live action of the game. Archived games offer the "Beginning" and "Resume" options.

In the "Home" view, clicking the triangle button on your PlayStation remote presents you with the option to select "Home," "Calendar," "Stats and Standings" and "Settings". In the "Calendar" view, select any date you would like to watch, then select the game and feed from that date. At any time, you can press "Circle" on your PlayStation remote to return to "Home."

While viewing a game, press the "Triangle" or "X" button once to bring up the live event view. This view brings up the progress bar. Important plays with a brief description are shown, as well as inning markers. You can scroll through these markers using the "L1" and "R1" buttons on your PlayStation remote. The "L2" and "R2" buttons enable you to seek through the video. Hit the "Square" button on your PlayStation remote to bring up the batting and pitching stats of your game. The circle button allows you to exit any screen.

In the "Settings Menu" you have the options to "Show Scores," "Pick Your Favorite Teams," "Show Stadium Backgrounds," and change your "Home Page Video Size." You can also click "Log Out" to change user accounts at any time.

To quit the app at any time, simply press the "PlayStation" button on your control pad.