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Xbox One | Viewing/Navigation

To View Games on Xbox One

Once you've linked your registered MLB.TV or Single Team account, your Xbox One immediately brings you to your selected team's page here:

To access previous day's games, you can scroll to yesterday's games using the RB and LB buttons on your Xbox Remote. Clicking on "Calendar" will bring you to a monthly schedule of games by day.

After selecting the game you would like to view, you will be prompted to select from home or away video or audio feeds. You can choose to enter the stream from the beginning or to join it live.

After your game feed launches, press the "A" button on your Xbox One remote to view playback options including play, pause, skip ahead, fast-forward, live and CC (for closed captioning). Clicking "Change Audio" gives you the option to switch your game audio to radio or natural in-stadium sounds synched to the game video feed when available. You can also select from milestone markers like big hits and strike-outs.

To view two games simultaneously: While viewing a game video, click down twice on your Xbox Remote, then click right to "Today's Games." Select from any available game feed to launch in a dual window view.

The larger window of the dual screen will default play the audio. You can toggle back and forth between audios by using your left and right directional pad on the Xbox One remote. To return to full screen video, just click the "A" button.

On your Xbox remote, clicking the option button will present your MLB.TV app settings, including "Hide Scores," and "Hide Video on Home." You can also sign out or sign in to a different account at any time.