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MLB Network Strike Zone

Schedule and Technical Info

Click below to download the latest MLB Network Strike Zone schedule.


A suite of MLB Network Strike Zone logos is available in JPEG, GIF, PNG and EPS formats. Click below to download these logos.


To request a reel or a spot in your specifications, please contact [email protected].

Web Banners

MLB Network Strike Zone web banners are available for immediate download in the following sizes: 728x90, 160x600 and 300x300. Click below to download these banners. To request high-res web banners or different sizes, please contact Affiliate Sales via email at [email protected].

Marketing Materials

Click below to download an MLB Network Strike Zone customizable press release template (PDF and DOC format), a list of Frequently Asked Questions (PDF and DOC format), an MLB Network Strike Zone email blast (JPEG and PSD format) and social media images for Facebook and Twitter (JPG and PSD format).

Radio Scripts

Click below to download a customizable 30-second MLB Network Strike Zone radio script (PDF).