Brett Phillips' dry erase board hitting tips

One simple tip that Moms HATE

October 14th, 2020

Look into an average MLB dugout and, were it not for the baseball uniforms, you might think you were watching a bizarre subterranean open office. There are binders and notebooks and guys taking notes the whole time. Rays outfielder Brett Phillips decided to take part in that, but with his own unique twist.

Known as one of the game's premier jokesters -- and with the most unique laugh you're ever going to hear -- Phillips took control of the the dry erase board and put it to some very important work.

Namely, Pictionary-based hitting lessons. Phillips was spotted sharing some tips with Rays infielder Willy Adames during Game 3 of the ALCS against the Astros on Tuesday night:

Now, I'm no Will Shortz-esque puzzle master, but I'm pretty sure this means "See ball, hit ball." Good advice.

Phillips also had the board in Game 2, when he wanted to make sure everyone (at least, everyone who could see his white board) knew that postseason breakout star Randy Arozarena was a "good player."

Baseball and drawing aren't Phillips' only skills, though. He's also tied (1-1) with Arozarena in the Rays' celebratory dance offs: