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Listen to Brett Phillips' insane laugh during Brewers Fanfest

No, that wasn't a donkey trapped under water, or a murder of crows squawking at once. It wasn't a young child making its very first noises, either. What you heard -- whether at work in New Mexico, asleep in Maine, or watching TV in Poughkeepsie -- was Brett Phillips' insane laugh. 
The Brewers' No. 7 prospect squared off against team legend Robin Yount in a game of Brewers Face-Off. Decked out in Snapchat goggles, the prospect told Yount, "I can see what color underwear you have on." The Hall of Famer then replied with a Hall of Fame retort: "No you can't. I don't have any on." 
That then queued up Phillips' laugh/sound of 1,000 wild dogs baying. 
Of course, that wasn't the only moment of mirth at Brewers Fan Fest. There was also the time when Bob Uecker educated the masses on what an "ice auger" is. (Turns out: Not a Game of Thrones villain.)