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Brewers prospect Brett Phillips had an encounter with a feisty opossum

Brewers No. 2 prospect and internet-famous laugher Brett Phillips was patrolling center field during Friday's Double-A matchup between the Tennessee Smokies and the Biloxi Shuckers, when he was joined by an opossum. 

Yes, an opossum, just casually strolling into the outfield during a professional baseball game like it owned the place. So, Phillips chased it away. 

He shepherded it along the outfield wall, demonstrating his superb opossum wrangler skills and staying composed in the face of nature. Well, mostly -- this particular opossum was just a bit feisty. 

It was, somehow, not the first time Phillips has matched wits with the North American marsupial. He told's Michael Avallone after the game:
"I think it was the same opossum who traveled back from Iowa that night and wanted his revenge," Phillips said. "I had a good game that night with a homer, so I pulled my bat out like it was a sword to help get rid of him. Tonight, he came back to exact some revenge. I didn't have any hits [on Friday] so I'm calling him an '0-fer possum,' but I got rid of him, so I got the last laugh."
And, as we know, that's some last laugh.