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Watch the Brewers' No. 2 prospect struggle with the word that cost him a 4th-grade spelling bee

(Clair, Michael)

With spell check, autocorrect, and the ability to now communicate entirely with emoji, knowing how words are actually spelled is harder than ever. Which is why I feel a great kinship with the Brewers' No. 2 prospect, Brett Phillips.  
Phillips, coming off a season in which he hit 16 home runs and was traded to Milwaukee in the Carlos Gomez deal this July, was asked about the word which caused him to lose in a fourth-grade spelling bee. The word was "Miscellaneous." He was then asked to spell it. Out loud. On the spot. It looked like his old nemesis, the one villain he had never been able to defeat was back. 

Fortunately, after some struggles, he overcame the beast. If "miscellaneous" was a pitch, he just did this to it: 

Phillips shouldn't feel bad for his struggles, though. Not only can I not hit baseballs, but I had to double check that I got miscellaneous right, too.