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Top MLB prospects revealed their celebrity doppelgangers

The myth of the doppelganger is one filled with terror and paranormal portent. The idea that your spirit double is out there, looking like you, but perhaps not acting in your best interests is terrifying. 
Of course, that's all hogwash, right? (Right???) Instead, listen to Major League Baseball's' top prospects reveal their celebrity doubles. Reds pitching prospect Cody Reed revealed that he's a conglomeration of Tim Tebow and Ben Affleck, while Michael Clevinger told tales how he's pretended to be Noah Syndergaard.  
Check out the video above and wait for the great moment when Lucas Giolito reveals which video game character he most resembles. And until A.I. reaches a level where a computer game character can become flesh, a la "Weird Science," Giolito should have nothing to worry about.