Indy league ball's newest sensation: The Florence Y'alls

You can never have too much powder blue

January 22nd, 2020

Since 2003, Florence, Ky.'s, independent league team has been known as the Florence Freedom -- a pretty good, pretty Kentucky nickname, all things considered. But this is indy ball. The place where boundaries are pushed. The place where 53-year-olds can go yard. The place where managerial ejections are just an excuse to deliver Academy Award-worthy performances. "Pretty good" is never good enough.

So Florence went and found the most righteous, most Kentucky name imaginable: Beginning this season, they'll be known as the Florence Y'alls. Oh, and did we mention powder blue is involved?

"Youse": grammatically incorrect, makes you sound like an extra on "The Sopranos; "you guys": an extra syllable, unnecessarily gendered; "y'all": smooth as silk, slightly twangy, all-inclusive, the perfect pronoun.

Usage aside, though, the name was also inspired by Florence's main landmark: the town water tower, which initially read "Florence Mall" but was later repainted to read "Florence Y'all".

I have no idea what their mascot could possibly look like, but I can't wait to find out.