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Ages 13 - 14

(Typically 60' Pitching Distance)

  • Players can begin using breaking pitches after developing consistent fastball and changeup

  • Do not exceed 100 combined innings pitched in any 12 month period

  • Take at least 4 months off from throwing every year, with at least 2-3 of those months being continuous

  • Make sure to properly warm up before pitching

  • Set and follow pitch-count limits and required rest periods

  • Avoid playing for multiple teams at the same time

  • Avoid playing catcher while not pitching

  • Players should not pitch in multiple games on the same day

  • Play other sports during the course of the year

  • Monitor for other signs of fatigue

  • A pitcher remaining in the game, but moving to a different position, can return as a pitcher anytime in the remainder of the game, but only once per game

  • No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three consecutive days, regardless of pitch counts

Pitch Smart - Table - Ages 13 to 14