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Watch a local Miami radio host literally eat crow after losing a bet to Christian Yelich

Eat crow used to be just a saying ... until now.

In the midst of Christian Yelich's breakout 2016 season, local radio personality Brendan Tobin stated on air that the Marlins' center fielder had no chance at reaching 20 home runs on the season, saying he would "literally eat crow" should Yelich accomplish the feat. The 25-year-old had never hit more than nine home runs in a year, with just 20 total over parts of three big league seasons. Alas, Yelich would go on to win a National League Silver Slugger Award and hit his 20th homer on Sept. 21 off Max Scherzer. Tobin knew he was in trouble.

That brought us to Wednesday night. Minutes before the official announcement of his spot on the Team USA World Baseball Classic roster, Yelich took part in "Crowbin: A Night of Shock and Caw" at GameTime Miami, where Tobin ate a cooked crow to fulfill the deal.

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Yelich told he was surprised that Tobin actually carried out the bet and talked about the experience of watching somebody eat crow:

"It looked pretty good. I didn't think it smelled terrible. I wouldn't have eaten it, but he got after it. He didn't shy away from it. Looked like he ate most of it."

 And on Tobin making the bet:

"He's always been on my good side. I've never had any hard feelings towards him. It was a friendly bet."

As expected, Tobin was a bit more negative regarding his crow-eating experience:

"I'm not gonna lie, my stomach's gurgling. It doesn't feel too great. I'm trying to hold it down. It's very pungent. But we got through it. I don't want to say gamey because I feel like that's overused, but I feel like if you were going to leave chicken out on your deck, spoiled, spoiled breast. That's what it would taste like. Spoiled poultry. Not good."

Fortunately, for all of us, Tobin may put another strange wager on the line this year.

"Not yet, but I will. For sure. I will for sure come up with some feats. Looking forward to baseball. It was really great of him to come out here. I deserve this, let's not forget. I was the one who opened up my big, fat mouth. "