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Take the Field

Take the Field is a two-day event hosted by the MLB Diversity and Inclusion Department, that took place at the Winter Meetings on Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8. The event is intended to provide women interested in on-field careers in baseball with an opportunity to learn about their respective areas of interest from those working in the industry. The event included workshops in participants' areas of interest, information about the industry in general, and engagement in professional development sessions.
The event allowed women to specialize in one of four tracks: coaching, scouting, training (athletic training and mental performance), and umpiring. Participants were instructed by professionals working in these areas and in front-office positions.
Approximately 60 women participated in the event. The participants have experience in baseball and softball as players, coaches, college baseball assistants, scouts, and so on. They will be provided with guidance and feedback periodically after the event in order to assist in their pursuits of careers in baseball.