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Note: MLB.TV will not allow you to stream live games of any in-market team unless you own the San Diego Padres Single Team In-Market Package. Check your local restrictions HERE.

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MLB.TV is included with MLB Extra Innings when purchased through a participating pay-TV provider. Click below to link your account.

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If you purchased MLB.TV through Amazon Prime, click below to link your account. Start streaming on supported devices.

San Diego Padres In-Market

If you have access to the San Diego Padres through DirecTV (now channel 694-3), click below to link your account.

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Not all features are available on all devices. For a full list of features, click here.

Due to certain Major League Baseball exclusivities, select regular season, special event and Postseason games are unavailable on domestically and internationally. For a full list of unavailable games, territories, and channels please click here

Live audio of the games that are unavailable (such games listed here) is available to customers within “At Bat,” which is included with all MLB.TV subscriptions.


In addition, note:

  • Home television territory blackout restrictions apply regardless of whether a Club is home or away and regardless of whether or not a game is televised in a Club's home television territory.
  • Clubs located within the United States may be subject to home television territory blackout restrictions that may expand to outside of the United States.
  • All San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics live games will be blacked out in the U.S. territory of Guam.
  • Policy regarding local live game blackouts does not apply to purchasers that select MLB.TV Single Team Yearly or MLB.TV Single Team Monthly who select the San Diego Padres or Arizona Diamondbacks as their club.

If you think we have inaccurately determined your home television territory blackout restrictions, you may call Customer Service at 866-244-2291 (US) and 315-203-6761 (International).