Teachers on why they love Breaking Barriers

"Applying the values to their current lives is extremely impactful. We always complete this during Black History Month. It is a perfect way to give history and then apply the values to their current lives."

"I love the social emotional component of the materials. We cover this material during a time of the school year when students are tired and hitting an academic wall. The story of Robinson breaking barriers inspires many to keep going through the last tough months of the school year."

"I've used them several times in the past and plan to use them this month. I feel it's a valuable lesson for my students to see traits/values in Jackie Robinson's life and their own."

"My students are all refugee students who are just beginning to learn about the history of how minorities have been treated in the United States. Your materials emphasize the value of going forward after recognizing the barriers."

"[My favorite aspect was] the values included in the lessons. As a teacher it is very important because each of the values connect on how we overcome barriers in life. This is important to teach students so they can make personal connections."

Students also love the program!

88% of students agreed that "learning how Jackie Robinson faced his barriers with values has helped me to learn how to overcome challenges in my life."