MLB + Shred Hate

Shred Hate is a multi-faceted bullying prevention program from ESPN, MLB and X Games that seeks to eliminate bullying by encouraging kids to choose kindness.

As part of the program, No Bully, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that trains and gives schools the tools to activate student compassion as a method for eradicating bullying and cyberbullying, provides innovative, anti-bullying curriculum and works directly with local school districts and cooperating schools.

The underlying themes of the program are an extension of existing anti-harassment policies and inclusion efforts that MLB applies to our clubhouses, ballparks and front offices.

About No Bully

No Bully® is a nonprofit organization that ignites compassion to eradicate bullying and cyberbullying worldwide. Founded in San Francisco in 2003 and formalized as a nonprofit organization in 2009, No Bully was started by a collaborative team of educators, psychologists and lawyers committed to building a kinder and more compassionate world through ending the crisis of bullying, harassment and violence in schools and online. Since its founding, No Bully has had over a 90 percent success rate eliminating bullying in schools and has served over 325 schools, 202,000 students and 16,000 teachers by partnering with institutions, families, parents and students to teach the healthy use of power by empowering voice, compassion toward others and inclusivity.

If you're being bullied or experiencing any other type of crisis, you can get free, 24/7 support through text message. Just text SHRED to Crisis Text Line at 741741.


Shred Hate posters are available for download in English and Spanish.