Catch the ACE Buy Now

Jays Care Foundation is excited to bring back the popular Catch The ACE raffle to Blue Jays fans across Ontario! Fans can purchase tickets supporting our Blue Jays community AND have a chance to win our weekly and progressive jackpots!

How does Catch The ACE work?

  1. Buy your tickets for the weekly draw, with 50% of the proceeds supporting Jays Care Foundation
  2. Select the electronic envelope that you think the ACE of Spades is in
  3. Check for the weekly jackpot winning number each Friday at noon

If you are our weekly jackpot winner, you automatically win 20% of the funds raised from that week, and if the envelope you chose contains the ACE of Spades, you also win our progressive jackpot that collects 30% of funds raised each week!

A new weekly draw will begin immediately after the previous week’s winning number has been drawn, until the ACE of Spades has been found.

Fans 18 years of age or older in Ontario can get their tickets now by selecting one of the following ticket package options:

250 tickets for $100

100 tickets for $50

15 tickets for $20

5 tickets for $10

Sales for the weekly draw will close at 12:00 p.m. every Friday, with the winning number announced shortly after on Jays Care’s social media channels and A new weekly draw will begin until the ACE of Spades has been selected and one Blue Jays fan has won the progressive jackpot.

You could be our next winner!

Fans 18 years of age or older in Ontario at the time of purchase are eligible to buy their tickets now at

If you require any support regarding Jays Care's Catch The ACE raffle, please contact [email protected].

Catch the ACE WeekEst. Weekly PrizeWinning Ticket #
Week 37$13,39824224006
Week 36$62.0041268136
Week 35$70.0092531107
Week 34$54.0065595786
Week 33$60.0045063441
Week 32$24.0036785042
Week 31$50.0050469336
Week 30$48.0060776643
Week 29$46.0014574006
Week 28$60.0094483118
Week 27$38.0061820255
Week 26$48.0029173407
Week 25$40.0019337799
Week 24$38.0016119534
Week 23$48.002715456
Week 22$40.0020632158
Week 21$42.0055061634
Week 20$70.0088570640
Week 19$48.0017029910
Week 18$60.0075507307
Week 17$34.0049207736
Week 16$84.0035421779
Week 15$584.005016033
Week 14$612.0066452398
Week 13$572.0062822471
Week 12$572.0082924747
Week 11$654.0049636457
Week 10$628.0069886642
Week 9$834.0050219383
Week 8$568.0056628209
Week 7$34.0029281945
Week 6$100.0039336600
Week 5$114.0049869711
Week 4$500.0051591592
Week 3$126.0040999568
Week 2$640.0013908310
Week 1$1280.0058517032