Robert Witchel
Executive Director

Jules Porter
Director, Programs

Susan Hallsworth
Director, Philanthropy

Shari Ralph-Topolie
Director, Operations

Benjamin Sibley
Director, Marketing, Communications & Lotteries

Matt Judd
Director, Programs

Matthew Appleby

Matthew Appleby
Manager, Partnerships & Events

Mathew Capoccia
Manager, Philanthropy

Alysha Kavanagh
Manager, Inclusive Programs and Outreach

Jessica Yep
Senior Manager, Urban Programs

Rodrigo Cuadra
Senior Manager, Omni-channel Strategy & Lotteries

Bhanesha Ollek
Senior Manager, Gender Equity Programs

Alexandra Blanchard
Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Kristin Harvey
Manager, Events

Mike Merry
Manager, Child Protection and Cross Program Assets

Jeremy Miller
Manager, Finance

Andy Lee
Content Manager

Meghan Saundercook
Senior Manager, Inclusion Programs

Alexandra Tauhid
Project Manager, Programs

Adam Shulman
Project Manager, Programs

Zack Shaban
Project Manager, Programs

Julia Ursini
Manager, Indigenous Programs

Shamoy Marstin
Project Manager, Programs

Josh MacDonald
Specialist, Programs

Brett Hunt
Specialist, Programs

Alexandra Kleinert
Coordinator, Partnerships and Events

Hailey Noronha
Specialist, Partnership & Events

Cailey Gavin
Intermediate Graphic Designer

Joey Quintanilha
Manager, Marketing & Communications

William Ord
Coordinator, Philanthropy