RBI is a baseball for development program based in schools across the country. RBI creates opportunities for students to represent their school, build relationships with their peers, learn valuable life skills and develop a passion for sport. RBI works with local schools, school boards and organizations to remove any barriers that students may face in getting into the game. Participating schools receive trained coaches, equipment and uniforms so that students are fully prepared to take part in structured league play and championship tournaments. In the Spring, participating students take part in weekly practices and games where they learn all of the basic rules, fundamentals and life-lessons that come from the game of baseball. In the summer, students will receive daily baseball instruction and athletic play, along with a wide range of engaging activities.

Jays Care offers RBI through schools in the Spring and in the Summer.

Students involved in RBI increase:

  • Important life skills
  • Self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Relationships to peers
  • Connection to positive role models
  • Likelihood of living a physically active life
  • Baseball and physical literacy skills
  • Academic achievement
  • Inclusion of youth with diverse backgrounds into the mainstream of the game

HOW IT WORKS: RBI Spring Program is an inclusive baseball or softball program implemented in partnership with schools to remove any barriers that students may face getting into the game. Beginning in the spring, the program runs after school for 10 weeks for students in grades 5-8. Students participate in weekly practices that are led by a trained Jays Care coach that are highly inclusive and fun. Once students have built their team spirit and practiced their skills, it’s time to put them to the test in organized games against other schools in their area.

THE GOALS: RBI Spring Program partners with schools that have high populations of equity deserving students to remove any barriers that may exist in accessing or participating in sport. RBI provides an opportunity for those students to represent their school, build relationships with their peers, learn valuable life-skills and develop a passion for sport.

RBI Summer Edition is a free afternoon baseball-for-development program hosted at priority schools running morning summer school programs.

HOW IT WORKS: Throughout July, students in grades 1 to 6 registered for half-day summer school can opt to join the RBI Summer Edition program for the afternoon. At the program, students will engage in a wide range of recreational activities including inclusive baseball training, cooperative games, arts and crafts and team-building. The program starts right after summer school ends (12:00) and goes until 4pm with the opportunity to extend to 5:30pm for aftercare. During the first two weeks of August, after summer school ends, students have the chance to register for a full-day program from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

THE GOAL: RBI Summer Edition is designed to give parents access to a free high quality sport for development program that complements summer school. Studies have shown that sport helps develop emotional and behavioural regulation, which is linked to higher academic achievement. Families who send their students to summer school can take comfort in knowing that all morning their children will focus on academics, and all afternoon they will engage in positive, inclusive physical activity.

WHAT CAN STUDENTS AND FAMILIES CAN EXPECT: They can expect to be in a well-organized, highly inclusive and super fun program. Students are placed in small groups with assigned coaches who lead them through a series of activities each afternoon. Coaches work hard to make sure each student feels included, challenged, and connected to the rest of their team. All student athletes receive an RBI team shirt, a healthy snack everyday, a back-to-school kit and a Blue Jays certificate at the end of the summer.