Team up with the charitable arm of the Toronto Blue Jays to launch award-winning sport for development programs in your community!

Jays Care Foundation is looking for teammates as we build a roster of dedicated community partners across Canada committed to making meaningful impact in children’s lives.

What does it mean to be a Jays Care Community Partner?

Joining our roster means that you are dedicated to introducing kids to baseball or softball programming in a safe and inclusive way. You are connected to children and youth facing significant barriers and you want to bring them together to work on drills and skills, to help them gain confidence, and feel part of a team.

It’s different from a traditional baseball/softball program because:

  • We use modified baseball equipment.
  • You don’t have to play on a baseball diamond.
  • There is less focus on gameplay.
  • Most hours of the program are spent on teambuilding, drills and skills.
  • There is a strong focus on inclusion and belonging.
  • After the program is over kids are more motivated to play sport, feel more confident in themselves and may be excited to join a local baseball/softball league.

Check out the video below for an example of the types of activities promoted in all Community Partner programs:

If eligible and interested, it’s easy to become a Jays Care Community Partner:

  • Identify reliable staff or volunteers to take on the role of coach.
  • Join us for a virtual training session.
  • Find at least 10 kids interested in participating in introductory softball/baseball programming.
  • Commit to the way you want to play. Partners choose the program stream that is right for them!

The following organizations and groups are eligible for this program:

  • Charitable organizations and grassroots, non-profit organizations currently serving children/youth who have been historically marginalized.
  • Towns and Municipalities that can provide free or heavily subsidized programs and,
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit Communities

As a Jays Care Community Partner, we’ll send you a specialized equipment kit, a best-in-class program manual, some Blue Jays swag to celebrate players and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. It’s really that easy!

We offer a range of options for community-based organizations to choose from so they can offer a wide range of options to children, youth and families. Explore our programs below to find out which program(s) is best for your organization.

Challenger Baseball: Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball or softball program designed to empower individuals living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. This adaptive program is ideal for organizations that are motivated to create introductory sport programs specifically tailored to the needs, strengths and hopes of individuals with disabilities. In this program, baseball or softball is used as the vehicle to enhance four main program objectives: connection, courage, independence and love of physical activity.

Girls At Bat: Girls At Bat is an introductory baseball or softball program designed and delivered to create spaces that empower and centre the leadership and voices of girls while making it easy to build belonging. This program is ideal for community-based organizations that are motivated to offer programming for anyone identifying as a girl facing barriers to sport participation. In this program, baseball/softball is used as the vehicle to enhance four main program objectives: connection, courage, leadership and love of sport.

Indigenous Play Ball: In order to answer calls to action around sport and youth programs as laid out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Jays Care seeks to amplify the voices of Indigenous children and youth, celebrate their success and achievements, and advocate for their right to equal opportunity. Our Play Ball program brings Indigenous youth together using the power of baseball and softball to encourage connection and love of sport. The design and delivery of the program is centred on Indigenous children, their needs, their strengths and their vision for their future.

Rookie League: Rookie League provides a platform for a wide range of children and youth experiencing diverse barriers to join together and participate in highly inclusive, mixed ability, safe and fun softball and/or baseball programming. Rookie League is the ultimate safe-space for any young person looking to find their team, develop new skills and have fun. Rookie League is developed for children and youth who face multiple barriers to participation or who are forced to sit on the sidelines. The goal of Rookie League is to build a sense of community and belonging for children and youth who often opt out of other sport programming. These athletes may face multiple barriers to participation including but not limited to, financial barriers, language barriers, sexual orientation/expression, responsibilities at home etc.

  • 103 organizations ran 143 different Community Partners Programs in 2022.

  • 8,111 athletes participated in programming.

  • 100% of partners reported that partnering with Jays Care Foundation has improved their organization’s capacity to provide sport and recreation programming for youth of varying backgrounds, abilities and needs.

  • The Community Partners Program resulted in:

  • 92% of athletes increasing their love of sport

  • 98% of athletes increasing physical activity levels

  • 92% of athletes increasing their peer connection and support

Feedback from Partners:

“Every aspect seemed to be quite well developed and thought out. It was a very welcomed change to have a program and materials provided. It has allowed for more of the focus to go onto the participants and their experience, rather than the logistics and feasibility of the program as a whole.”- Community Partner, 2022

“The program manual and equipment have been great! The great thing about this program is that kids of all ages and ability levels can play.”- Community Partner, 2022

Imani was VERY nervous to join any programs due to previous conflicts with girls. She didn’t believe she could have lasting friendships because of experience with gossip and betrayal. Now she calls four others ‘her sisters’” – Coach, 2022

Who We Are

Jays Care Foundation's vision is to create a level playing field for all children and youth across Canada. We know that community organizations across Canada are facing many challenges this year and many children in your communities are stepping up to the plate with two strikes already against them. We use the power of sport and play to create reliable programming for children and youth who are most often left out. Our programs cater to self-identified girls, individuals with disabilities, Indigenous youth, and youth living in poverty.