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Watch this 108-year-old Cubs fan celebrate the second World Series win of her lifetime

As you might have heard by now, it had been a long, long time since the Cubs had won the World Series -- 108 years, to be exact. That's as old as the first Model T automobile. Even the very oldest Chicago fans had never witnessed a title come home to Wrigley. (And they celebrated like it.)
Everyone, that is, save for New Hampshire resident and Cubs fanatic Hazel Wilson. She was born on the North Side of Chicago ... back in August of 1908, just a couple months before Chicago beat the Tigers in five games. But while she might have been alive for the Cubs' last title, she was hoping Bryant, Rizzo and the boys could give her a win to remember.

She sweated out every twist and turn of Game 7 -- and even gave some karmic assistance with a very fashionable rally cap.

When the title was finally secured, she knew how to celebrate:

The secret to her longevity? As she told WFXT: "I say the band of angels coming after me got lost."