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52-year-old Barry Bonds said 'without a doubt' he can still hit one into the bay

Of the 73 homers that have landed in McCovey Cove at AT&T Park, Barry Bonds has 35. In 2001, the year he hit 73 dingers, he hit NINE into the bay. You can watch them all here, but this one is pretty great against Chan Ho Park from that season.

Anyway, during the Mets' 8-2 win over the Giants on Sunday, Bonds stopped by San Francisco's broadcast booth to talk about getting a spot on the stadium's Wall of Fame. Of course, the conversation then turned to dingers. Here's how that went down:
Mike Krukow: We see 73 splash hits on the wall, you had 35 of them. Do you think right now you could get in the batter's box and hit one into the pond?
Bonds: I promise you I will. Without a doubt.
I mean, when you have the most home runs ever and have won hitting contests at the age of 51 (against Home Run Derby champions), who's to say he can't? Anybody? Anybody???