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A.J. Pollock found a mantis in the outfield and one young Rockies fan wanted no part of it

Last month, during a baseball game in Kansas City, an alarmingly large bug appeared on Billy Burns' hat -- a praying mantis, as it turned out. Just a few innings later, the Royals had rallied for a dramatic victory, and the Rally Mantis was born. Before long there were more improbable rallies, a shrine dedicated in its honor, costumes from your darkest nightmares, and even a second Rally Mantis. But as the baseball world would soon discover, that was only the beginning.
A.J. Pollock was just minding his own business during the D-backs' 9-4 win over the Rockies on Saturday when, all of a sudden, he saw it: a praying mantis, hanging out on the left-field warning track. So he did what any respecter of Mantis Magic would do -- he handed it to a fan. Except, well, not everyone was happy about this development: 

The mantises are here, and they have apparently come to wreak havoc on our baseball and justifiably gross out our children.