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A Rangers fan showed off his preparedness by reeling in a foul ball with a fishing net

The Scout Motto's beauty lies in its simplicity. "Be Prepared," it tells us. As this fan showed during the Rangers' 10-8 win over the Mets Tuesday night, when attending a baseball game, preparedness means packing your … fishing net.

Armed with both a traditional baseball glove on his left hand and a fishing net in his right, this fan is the closest living embodiment of the Scout Motto we are likely to find at a baseball game.
Though not an official dictum of the Boy Scouts, values such as generosity and sharing are clearly akin to their mission through the pursuit of various service-oriented badges. This same fan earned these kudos in addition to his merits for preparedness as he shared his hard-earned catch of the day with a younger fan.
This fan's lesson to us all is that preparation is important not only in the wilderness, but at the ballpark as well.