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An A's ballboy put forth an All-Star, all-out effort on a grounder, but nope

Sure, you could've laughed when Oakland ballboy Scotty missed a screaming foul liner during theAngels' 10-7 win over the A's. But you can't deny Scotty's determination, Scotty's perseverance, Scotty's all-out, HOF effort to protect the crowd and the team's defenseless relievers:

Unfortunately, he did miss it and Chris Smith got hit in the head:

We caught up with the A's two-year clubhouse attendant/ballboy Scott Masler after the game. On Smith's reaction:
"He was just joking, trying to make me feel bad. It barely skimmed his head. He appreciated the effort and was more just having fun with me."
On other players and coach reactions:
"They mostly just said it was a good effort. [Third-base coach] Ron Washington tried to give me a breakdown on how to dive better."
And regarding the play itself:
"The sun is really bright at the Coliseum during that time of day, so the ball kind of blends in a little bit. It also took a bad hop. Nine times out of 10, I make that play. I'm still pretty upset I didn't make the play."
Luckily, everyone was OK and Scotty has that awesome slow-mo GIF he can show to all of his friends. He also has a lengthy portfolio of top plays from earlier this season.