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Proven film scholar John Axford went 19-for-24 with his Oscars predictions

Each year, the Academy Awards celebrate the year's top movies, actors and industry professionals. Also each year, pitcher John Axford, currently a member of the A's bullpen, hands out his official Oscars predictions.
This might not strike you as something extraordinary, until you realize Axford's track record. Back in 2014, he made headlines for his perfect 14-for-14 ballot, and has done very well in this regard in other years (14-for-15 in '13, 17-for-24 in 2015). 
For the statistically inclined, that's good for a 84.9 percent success rate on Oscar picks. Axford's career save success rate? 79.6 percent. 
His picks are so anticipated that they warranted a pre-announcement heads-up on Sunday afternoon:

Ax went a superb 19-for-24 on his picks this year -- good for 79 percent: 

The reliever thought he had chosen correctly with La La Land as Best Picture (along with well, everybody else), but teammate Sean Doolittle reminded him it was not true: 

Fortunately, it's what Axford had hoped for in the first place.