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An unsuspecting Yankee Stadium employee narrowly avoided an Aaron Judge BP homer

As Aaron Judge has done sooften in 2017, he crushed some long home runs during batting practice prior to Thursday night's Yankees 9-1 win over the Red Sox. One would think that people working at Yankee Stadium would be familiar with his prodigious power by now, particularly after he broke a TV in the new center-field sports bar.

Now, though, Judge's BP blasts are targeting people. So if you're in the outfield seats collecting the home run balls, you'd better be careful.
One Yankee Stadium employee in right-center field learned his lesson the hard way -- it doesn't matter if you're hovering around opposite-field seats almost 400 feet away with Judge at bat.

From the looks of it, Judge had just smashed a previous homer in that vicinity, but the employee reacted too soon. The signs in the bleachers say to beware of flying objects for a reason!
Now he knows -- when the Judge is presiding, watch out. Or grab a helmet.