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Aaron Judge's hit initially bounced foul outside the batter's box ... then somehow went for a double

It takes skill to win a postseason game. Well, that's not entirely true. The equation usually involves both skill and a little bit of luck.
Aaron Judge proved that principle during the Yankees' 7-2 win on Wednesday night at the AL Wild Card Game. In the first inning, he simply demolished a ball to open the scoring with a two-run homer that sent the Yankee Stadium crowd into a frenzy. The double he hit in sixth inning, however, involved significantly less contact.
In fact, the ball bounced just outside the left-handed batter's box:

Through some bizarre force (maybe the ghosts from the old Yankee Stadium acting up), the hit spun back into fair territory as it slowly dribbled up the first-base line for a double.
One batter later, Aaron Hicks brought Judge home with an RBI double to put the Yankees ahead, 3-0:

Always take whatever small breaks you can get from this game.