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A young fan at his first Yankees game was ecstatic to see Aaron Judge homer

Aaron Judge is doing everything he can to entertain visitors at Yankee Stadium this year, and it's bringing forth a new generation of Baby Bomber fanatics.
One such fan is Massimo Greco, who is just two weeks shy of turning 5 years old. In anticipation of his birthday (as well as his mother and brother's), the family went to the Yankees' game on Thursday night. The Angels won the game with a 10-5 comeback victory, but the Greco family won the night.

Massimo Greco with his father, Jason. Photo via Randy Whitney/ Real-Time Correspondent
Greco hoped that Judge, his favorite player, would hit a home run for him. He even had his hair made to look like Judge's semi-mohawk and held a sign with the Ruthian request.
The phenomenal rookie delivered:

Once Greco and his father, Jason, saw the ball flying out of the park, they went berserk.

It has definitely been a good day to be a young baseball fan.
The Grecos also got the chance to talk about their once-in-a-lifetime televised moment, mentioning that at 2:22 p.m. this afternoon, Greco said, "I hope Aaron Judge hits a home run for me today."

Anytime you make a kid cheer your name in a Dio-like voice, you're doing something right.
When Greco spoke later with real-time correspondent Randy Whitney, he had the perfect response to Judge's blast: "Thanks for making my first game awesome, Aaron!"