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Aaron Judge has a mini-me and he made an impressive catch in the stands

Judge made an impressive grab when the Yankees fell, 10-5, to the Red Sox on Saturday. And no, we aren't referring toT-Mobile Home Run Derby champion Aaron Judge. This is his mini-me we are talking about.
Todd Frazier smacked a foul ball deep toward the right side of the field and into the stands. A group of Yankees spectators attempted to make the catch when a young fan, sporting a Judge jersey, was there to snag the fly ball.

His reaction is something you will truly appreciate.
The crowd, surrounding him, cheered him on and his infectious smile stretched from ear to ear as he exchanged high-fives with everyone within arm's reach.
The fan, who appeared to be sporting some orange gym shorts, returned to his seat and will probably be on Cloud Nine until he's old enough to fill out the No. 99 jersey … and many years beyond that.