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The White Sox congratulated Adam Eaton for scoring by cradling him like a baby

As you may or may not remember, White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton and his wife Katie welcomed their first child to the world back in April. His name is Brayden, and he is adorable:

In light of such wonderful news, what could his teammates do to celebrate? Offer their sage parenting advice? Buy 25 different types of stroller? Nice, sure, but they don't truly capture the feeling of a newborn baby. Thankfully, during Saturday's win over the Yankees in the Bronx, reserve infielder Carlos Sanchez found a solution -- after Eaton scored on a Jimmy Rollins home run, Sanchez cradled him ... like a newborn baby:

As Eaton told's Scott Merkin after the game: "I'm a daddy now, but he says I'm still a baby so he likes to coddle me and rock me to sleep."
... look, we aren't going to lie, that does look remarkably comfortable. Babies have it made.