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Adam Jones robbed Joey Gallo of a home run ... and his reaction was even better than the grab

Normally, when a player races to the wall and jumps to rob the hitter of a moonshot, that is the best moment of the highlight. Not so on Saturday night. In the bottom of the third inning of the Orioles' 4-0 victory over the Rangers, Joey Gallo hit a blast to center field. Adam Jones raced back, leaped and, reaching over the wall, brought the ball back. 
There would be no souvenir for this kid, who was apparently psychic enough to know there would be no ball to collect: 

Though the catch was nice, Jones topped it with his reaction as he stared down Gallo from center field. 
Let's break down each of the movements: 
1. The crouch and stare

You don't see this one often -- outside of a superhero film trailer, that is. It's not the most intimidating as Jones looks a little like a frog, or perhaps a ninja in training. 
Don't worry, though -- Jones wasn't done yet. 
2. The stare and chew

Admit it: There's been at least once in your life that you pretended to chew gum when you wanted to look tough. This time, Jones didn't even need to pretend as he had gum in his mouth. 
(Unrelated: Did Michael Jordan invent the intimidating gum chew, as he would be chomping on a piece before ghosting a defender and going to the hoop?) 
3. The head nod

...and let the bass drop. 
4. The classic 
Of course, Jones summed it all up with the classic cap tip. Like rock 'n' roll, it all comes back to the standard 12 bars blues.