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Adrian Beltre did an interpretive dance in order to let a roller go foul, and of course it worked

Adrián Beltré. For years, he's entertained us with his personality on the diamond. He pretends to steal foul balls from fans, mimics his teammates' impressive defensive plays, swings so hard he takes a knee, and is probably the most fun baseball player to watch on a daily basis.
In early April, Beltre busted out some slick dance moves on second base just because he could, and in Wednesday night's game with the Rockies he added a new chapter to his highlight reel.
The headliner, of course, was his immensely clutch single in the eighth inning that plated two runs, giving the Rangers the lead (and, eventually, the 5-4 win).

But earlier, in the top of the third, Charlie Blackmon hit a nubber up the third-base line. Beltre ran toward the ball anticipating making a play, but it began veering foul ... so he did everything he could to help that happen. By that, we mean he did a flailing arm interpretive dance thing: 

It worked in the end, after Beltre made sure the ball didn't redirect and cross the chalk line again. Therefore, he obviously did things right. 
Keep doing you, Adrian. Don't ever stop.