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Adrian Beltre got caught in a rundown, and not even the basepaths could contain him

Adrián Beltré got the day off during Saturday's 5-0 win over the Athletics -- his reward for the team clinching the American League West crown the night before. Beltre doesn't really do days off, though. If he isn't allowed to play, he'll still be on the top step of the dugout giving out (somewhat incomprehensible) defensive alignments.
Beltre was back out on the field for Sunday's game in Oakland, and he had a lot of pent-up energy to burn. So sure, he might have been caught in a rundown in the top of the second, but he would not give up easily. Instead, he decided to go around in a few circles, and then onto the infield grass:

 [Cues up "Benny Hill" theme, sets video on repeat for next three hours.]