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After Prince Fielder slid/tumbled into home plate, Adrian Beltre came to his aid with a helpful hug

Never underestimate the value of true teamwork. It can make even the most trying of times that much more manageable, as displayed in Monday's Rangers-Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
A single to right field by Rougned Odor continued the Rangers' quick start to the first inning, scoring Adrian Beltre and Prince Fielder. It was Fielder's slide/fall into home plate, however, that set the stage for Beltre's literal pick-me-up. As Fielder charged toward the plate, he made an effort to avoid any tag attempt that may have been in play, and wound up sprawled out across the plate after scoring the run.
Enter Beltre, ever an ideal teammate and all-around embodiment of baseball perfection: 

That's how we all get by in life: With a little help from our friends, as a quartet of famous English scholars once said.