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Albert Almora Jr.'s leaping catch got Kyle Hendricks and Anthony Rizzo pumped up

With Javier Báez at second base and Albert Almora Jr. and Jason Heyward in the outfield, the Cubs have three of the most exciting defenders in baseball. Their teammates have gotten to see them play every day for over a year now, so one would think they would be hard to impress at this point.
During Thursday's 1-0 win over the Brewers, Almora made a catch to rob Lorenzo Cain of extra bases. But, it managed to be exceptional even by the Cubs' standards:

You can tell it was a great play because the typically stoic Kyle Hendricks was fired up:

Even Anthony Rizzo -- who stands right next to Baez every day -- felt compelled to give Almora props:

If you had any doubts about the greatness of Almora's catch, pay attention to his teammates' favorable reviews. They're experts; listen to them.