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Albert Pujols liked homering in the third inning so much, he decided to do it twice

After years of terrorizing every baseball in his immediate vicinity, Albert Pujols has earned the nickname "The Machine" -- a nod to just how consistently, almost mechanically dominant he's been over his Hall of Fame career ...
... OR IS IT? What if what we thought was a tribute to one of the game's great hitters was actually evidence of the singularity? What if the machines are here, walking among us, and our existence is but a simulation of artificial intelligence? Case in point: During Saturday's Brewers-Angels game, Pujols came up in the third inning and went yard. And then, somehow, in the very same inning, he did it again, as the Angels would go on to score eight runs in the frame. Coincidence, or evidence of a rift in space-time? You be the judge:

After all, everyone knows that a disturbance in the Matrix results in deja vu.