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Alex Bregman did the James Harden slide right out of his postgame interview

Over the last couple years, the Astros and Rockets have formed a tight bond of support as they have both made deep postseason runs. The Astros have dressed up for road trips to cheer for their basketballing friends across town while the Rockets have occasionally stopped by Minute Maid Park to take in some baseball.
Spend that much time with people, and you start to adopt some of their mannerisms. Alex Bregman hit his 29th home run of the season en route to the Astros' 9-1 win over the Twins on Wednesday, earning him a postgame interview. When Astros broadcaster Julia Morales asked Bregman about their upcoming series against the Nationals, he showed he's learned well from the NBA's Most Valuable Player:

Back in 2015, Harden responded similarly to a question from a sideline reporter regarding whether or not he had found his rhythm: 

In order to be an MVP, you have to imitate an MVP ... or at least Bregman hopes that will help as he makes his case over the last month of the season.