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Alex Rodriguez couldn't leave Fenway Park without getting a good photo for his Instagram

Alex Rodriguez said goodbye to Fenway Park on Thursday night, his second-to-last game as a Yankee. He spent his final full series giving fans what they wanted -- both in his general appearance at the plate and by playing Santa for a couple of lucky Yankee fans visiting the ballpark.

But A-Rod himself did not leave empty handed. He left Fenway with what any other soon-to-be-retired MLB star would want: A good photo for his Instagram account.


Indeed, that's what Rodriguez told he'd take away from his first-ever look inside the Green Monster, after which he posed with the No. 13 scoreboard tile. It's only fair: A-Rod has spent some quality time in Fenway over the years, playing 133 games -- the most of any opponent's ballpark. 

The pic will fit right in on A-Rod's 'gram, which is already ramping up with the wistful nostalgia that comes with retirement:

#TBT #Westminster1993 Thanks everyone. It's been a long journey.

A photo posted by Alex Rodriguez (@arod) on

The game was pretty good, too -- the Yankees won, 4-2, with A-Rod driving in the fourth run. All in all, not a bad way to go out. Right, Alex?