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Amy Schumer's trip to the Mets game included Jerry Seinfeld and a Kiss Cam appearance

In a contest of celebrity fans, it's hard to top the Mets -- they've got everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Kevin James to Jimmy Kimmel to Jon Stewart. (Plus, Apu and Professor Frink are on their side, so they can't possibly lose.)
Now, though, the time has come to add another famous face to that exclusive family. In attendance at Sunday's 17-0 romp over the Phillies was none other than Amy Schumer, New York native and official Noah Syndergaard roaster. And she brought along a few friends:

Yes, that is Seinfeld, Jonah Hill and Matthew Broderick next to Schumer, her father and her boyfriend. 
But that wasn't all. To thank her for her support, the Mets bestowed upon Schumer the greatest honor in all of ballpark promotions: They put her on Kiss Cam. She responded accordingly.

 Now we just need to find her an extra pair of those magical Seinfeld sneakers.