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Andrelton Simmons showed off another aspect of his defensive prowess with a heads-up double play

Perhaps you found May and June to be a little sadder than usual -- the sky was a little grayer, your hot coffee a little colder. That's because Andrelton Simmons was on the disabled list, and baseball's preeminent defensive wonder was missing. 
Activated on June 15, the Cirque De Soleil-on-dirt act started almost immediately. 

Facing the Astros on Wednesday afternoon, Matt Shoemaker was in a jam with runners on the corners and George Springer coming to the plate in the bottom of the fifth. Fortunately, Simmons was there to prove that his defensive superiority is not limited solely to acrobatics. 
When Springer broke his bat on a lazy liner, Simmons made the heads-up move to let the ball drop. After scooping it up, he essentially shoved Johnny Giavotella off the bag and made the throw to first to just beat Springer. 

After the game, Simmons admitted to's Alden Gonzalez that it was a risky choice. "Every time you do something weird, something crazy, it's risky. But I felt confident with that particular ball to do it. That was perfectly hit."
If he got a chance to do it again, he would change it up a little, though. "The only thing I should've done was give it to Johnny. I think he would've turned it faster, because I wasn't as close [to the base] as I expected." 
Don't expect that to happen again anytime soon though. While this isn't the first time Simmons pulled off the move, the last one was "a while ago. I don't even think in the Minor Leagues at all." 
Now, after watching that play, go and look out the window -- does the sun not seem to shine a little brighter?